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Moving Fence Panels? Here’s How to Do It Right

Moving Fence Panels? Here's How to Do It Right

Moving fence panels can be challenging, but it can be simple, too. We’ve moved our fair share over the years and learned some dos and don’ts that simplify the job. 

We’ll walk through how to move fence panels properly without damaging them, how to transport them safely to the new location, tips for removing old posts without making a huge mess, and what you need to know for installing fence panels in your new home.

Curious if Vinyl Fencing Is Recyclable? Here’s Your Answer


We’ve been looking for fencing options lately and wanted to know if vinyl is the way to go. It seems low maintenance, but we wanted to know if vinyl fencing can be recycled when its day comes. Going the sustainable route is vital to us.  We want to make an eco-friendly choice. Doing our homework […]

Innovative Fencing Ideas for Modern Homes

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In an era where modern architecture and design are redefining our living spaces, it’s no surprise that innovative fencing solutions are in high demand. Companies like Fairfax Fence are leading the way in bringing cutting-edge designs and materials to modern homes. In this blog, we’ll explore a world of creative possibilities, emphasizing the importance of […]

How Quality Fencing Enhances Home Value and Security

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When it comes to enhancing the beauty and security of your residential property, don’t overlook the importance of quality fencing. A fence does more than just provide a physical boundary; it adds character to your home, increases its value, and offers a sense of security. If you reside in Northern Virginia, including McLean, Great Falls, […]

Choosing the Right Fence: Tips from Fairfax Fence Professionals

Metal Fence

When it comes to enhancing the security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal of your property, selecting the right fence is a crucial decision. This choice not only impacts the immediate appearance of your home or business but also plays a significant role in its long-term value and functionality.  This is where the expertise of Fairfax Fence […]

Fencing Solutions for Every Home: Exploring Fairfax Fence’s Offerings

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Discover the Perfect Fence with Fairfax Fence Welcome to Fairfax Fence, where we specialize in providing a range of fencing options to suit every home’s needs. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that each fence is not just a boundary but a reflection of your personal style and preferences. Assessing Your Unique Fencing […]